Bringing samples back is a considerable challenge

How can we carry a pattern of Mars safely again to Earth? With scientists worldwide curious concerning the Purple Planet’s potential for all times, NASA and the European House Company are engaged on a future “sample-return” mission to soundly examine Mars supplies.

One potential location for pattern looking might be a Martian spot known as Jezero Crater, the positioning of an historical lake — and probably, additionally a location for historical microbes.

Whereas rovers and landers can examine Mars once they land there, the problem is that there’s solely a lot area out there on these machines for devices. On Earth, total laboratories might examine Purple Planet regolith (soil) and rocks. However getting the samples again to our planet might be a substantial engineering problem.

ESA officers stated in an announcement that the 2 businesses plan to carry out three launches from Earth and one from Mars as a part of the mission, which can embrace two Mars rovers and an autonomous docking in Martian orbit.

“A NASA launch will ship the pattern return lander mission to land a platform close to the Mars 2020 web site. From right here, a small ESA rover — the Pattern Fetch Rover — will head out to retrieve the cached samples,” ESA officers stated in one other assertion.

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