Kohler Smart Home Gadgets for 2022

Kohler has been delivering ideal household furnishings for well over a century — since 1873, to be exact. While that may be the case though, the manufacturer is far from primitive. With fine contemporary craftsmanship spanning their whole portfolio, the brand’s ever-expanding array of smart home products continues to impress. Already looking to make the most of 2022, the Wisconsin-bred designers took to CSS to unveil their latest collection of household gadgets to optimize your living experience.

Seeking to provide home dwellers with peace of mind in these trying times, Kohler has put wellness at the forefront, which is made clear with their re-vamped PerfectFill Bath System, capable of drawing a bath filled to your liking based on depth and temperature preferences all through the Kohler app. Once you exit your tailored tub, there is the Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet, powered by a wave of the hand and equipped with temperature control. While we’re on the topic of faucets, this is a perfect segue to the new Purist Suspend, a unique ceiling-mounted kitchen faucet with a remote that can adjust the temperature and even volume of the water it disperses. Next is the Robern IQ Digital Lock Box, a bathroom cabinet vault that ensures the security of all your property with password protection. Lastly, the Kohler Power Reserve guarantees a solid foundation for all the aforementioned products — and whatever else you need to power up in your house — as it serves as a solar-based energy storage system no matter what time it is or what the forecast says.

Kohler’s newly-robust catalog of connected home gizmos is sure to keep you a bit more at ease this year, and while pricing details haven’t been revealed yet, the new products will gradually be available to consumers over the course of 2022.

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Photo: Kohler
Photo: Kohler
Photo: Kohler

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