The Mercedes EQXX Is Turning Heads in the Electric Car Space

Mercedes-Benz threw the electric car world into a tizzy this week with the Vision EQXX concept, a cutting-edge prototype that can cover 1,000 kilometres before its battery runs out of juice. If Mercedes can make good on these lofty claims, the EQXX would leave every other so-called long-range EV for dead. For reference, the top-of-the-line Lucid Air is officially rated for 837 km of driving range. Tesla’s latest Model S is good for 604 km, while Rivian claims its R1S SUV with “max pack” battery can go 640 km, but it’s not available yet. Still, 1,000 km is a barrier no automaker has broken. Yet.

Later this year Mercedes will put a road-legal EQXX prototype to the test in real-world conditions. All the Mercedes executives we spoke to seemed very confident in this car’s ability to smash through the 1,000 km barrier. Even more important than the Vision EQXX concept itself, is that all of its advanced EV tech and clever aerodynamics will wind up in roadgoing Mercedes cars as soon as 2024. Why is that good news for you? It means less expensive and/or longer-range electric cars are coming soon from Mercedes. Markus Schäfer, the company’s chief technology officer for development, told us that — beginning in 2024 — drivers can expect cars with “much more” driving range but which cost roughly the same as they do today.

Mercedes EQXX in post

Whether Mercedes actually puts a 1,000 km EV like the EQXX in showrooms depends on how good charging infrastructure becomes, Schäfer explained. If fast-chargers suddenly become ubiquitous — which, if you ask us, is unlikely — then there wouldn’t be much need for ultra-long range EVs. So, consider that a, “maybe.”

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