Ultimate Guide To Hypermiling ( How do I become a Hypermiler? )



If you aren’t familiar with hypermiling you should look into what it is all about. Chances are you will be hearing that term floating around quite a bit. It is a way for you to be able to cut back on the amount of fuel you consume.

Since most of us rely upon our vehicle to get us around we need to make it go further with less fuel being consumed.

You may be thinking that you are already doing all you can to cut costs. You are watching the prices at the pumps and you are cutting back on when and where you drive. You may be frustrated about all of it as well.

This is because it simply isn’t always possible to cut down on the amount that you use your vehicle. You can’t change how far it is to your place of employment due to gas prices.

Getting another job closer may not be possible. At the same time you may really like the job you have.

There is also the pay to consider as a new job may start you out at less than you make right now. With the economy being as low as it is right now, the job market is difficult as well.

It is understandable that you may be worried about a lay off or not being needed at a particular job site. If you have been at one place for a while there is some job security in that.

You also have your other commitments such as getting kids to school, grocery shopping, and running errands. While you can arrange things to flow better you still won’t be able to completely cut these needs out of your schedule.

It just isn’t realistic to expect anyone to blow off all of the other things going on in their life because they can’t pay for the high cost of fuel. If you still want to be able to enjoy those things then pay attention to the various hypermiling methods. They can really help you even if you aren’t sure at this time.

Gas is going to be consumed no matter where you go and what you do. If you take your vehicle there it will be an additional expense to consider.

Carpooling isn’t always a practical solution either when you have so many things going on. People tend to overextend themselves so having your own car is often necessary in order to be able to successfully get it all done. If you have a work schedule that varies it is even harder to carpool.

Try to do it if possible though even a couple of days per week.

With the outlook for the economy being quite grim right now, consumers are at the mercy of oil prices when they approach the pumps.

Since the government isn’t able to offer us the relief we need it is up to each of us to do something. You can sit around and complain about how much you pay per gallon for gas or you can be more efficient.

The government has made some efforts though by offering information about hypermiling on various websites. It is a good idea to take a look at that information so you can see for yourself that it is substantial material.

In many ways this is a service the government is offering to help the average person be able to get by in light of the increases in prices.

Once you finish reading this you will have plenty of information about hypermiling. You will be able to implement a strategy that works so you can get the most out of it.

This way you can make your car go further with less gas. That means more money in your pocket instead of being placed in order for you to get around.

You should be able to start implementing many of them in very little time at all. Make sure you review the list of hypermiling strategies on a regular basis though. If you aren’t effectively practicing certain ones you may end up forgetting about them. Should that happen you won’t be able to get as much savings as you could.


What is Hypermiling?

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of hypermiling, let’s elaborate on what this entails. It is essentially the conscious effort of increasing the amount of gas mileage you get from your vehicle. This involves many different aspects including keeping your car in great shape, your driving behavior, and what type of vehicle you drive.

We will discuss each of these areas in more detail later on. They are all very important by themselves and can be areas where you are wasting fuel. When you make changes to them though they will collectively really add up to getting much more mileage out of the gas you pump into your vehicle.

Before you read this, you may not have realized all the different ways in which you are wasting fuel in your vehicle. We get into the habit of doing things and they become second nature to us. You have the power to make changes though and that is the great thing about hypermiling.

Take the time to find out just what a difference it can make for you. If you are able to save thousands of dollars each year on fuel then you can use that money for something else. As hard as you work for your money you may as well be getting all you can out of it.

Anyone can implement hypermiling no matter how long they have been driving. It also doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you drive as there should be something you can do to save on fuel costs. You may be skeptical now but you won’t be after you finish reading.

Hypermiling isn’t a bunch of hype as people have been using it to save on gas for many years. However, it is something that has only really gathered attention over the past year. This is due to the continual increase of fuel prices.

Not to long ago we were upset when they hit $2 a gallon. Now that they are at $4 and said to be climbing to $5 consumers are paying attention. Those of you holding your breath for the prices to be drastically cut are going to be very disappointed when they don’t.

Why has Hypermiling become so Popular Recently?

The reason why hypermiling has such a buzz around it recently has to do with increased fuel prices. We recently were told that oil hit an all time high of $150 per barrel. That was very hard for consumers to swallow considering what they are already paying for fuel.

Most people don’t have too much money left over each month after the bills are paid. You are lucky if you do because that is a luxury the majority just don’t have.

So if your budget is already stretched thin it can be very stressful to try to allocate an additional amount of money from your budget for increased fuel costs.

Since the wages aren’t going up there isn’t really a place to get that money from. The wise consumer isn’t happy to put their fuel costs onto a credit card that they can’t pay off at the end of the month.

It will only result in a mountain of debt they don’t want to become associated with. Finding a way around this is a priority for many people out there.

The fact that there are some common sense ways to get some relief at the pumps is another reason. People don’t have the time for something high-tech or difficult to accomplish. Yet once they learn that it is something they can do and they can get results from it becomes quite exciting.

They also don’t want to get involved in anything that is going to be a difficult time-consuming. Too many people are stretched too think in that area as well.

You will also find that all of the guidelines out there relating to hypermiling meet or exceed the guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Many of them have also led to a decreased risk of an accident happening. This combination of things really lends credibility to the entire process.

For those who are environmentally conscious, hypermiling is a great way for them to make their contribution to society. They want to make sure the Earth is as good of a place for them to live on as they can.

They also want to do their part to preserve the natural resources for future generations to use.

more Fuel Efficiently

Drive more Fuel Efficiently

The more that you are behind the wheel of a vehicle the more money you can save. Take a close look at your driving habits as that is the area where people end up using approximately 1/3 more fuel than they really should on the highway. It is amazing how many people are offended when they read that!

There are many great places online where you can take quizzes about your driving habits. It can give you an honest evaluation as to how aggressive you are.

If you fall into a category that isn’t good then you need to accept it and make a commitment to change it. Here are some great pointers to get you rolling in the right direction.

You need to stay at a constant speed as much as you can. Pay attention to the posted speed limits and set your cruise control.  You will need to slow down from time to time for the flow of traffic and such but that should still help with your fuel usage.

Make sure you don’t follow being other vehicles too closely either. This stopping will decrease your speed so you will be going faster and then slower even though you aren’t exceeding the posted speed limit.

If you are one of those individuals who weaves in and out of traffic passing people and then getting back into the groove of the traffic by slowing down again you are wasting fuel. Even if you are in a hurry, such methods don’t save you very much time.

We have all seen drivers like that on the road each day. They move in and out of the traffic but then we end up catching up to them at a stoplight or on an exit ramp.

This shows that this type of aggressive driving really doesn’t get you there any faster, yet it is costing you more fuel than it should to arrive at that destination.

When you stay at a constant speed you and everyone else on the road around you is much safer. You will have more control over your vehicle and other vehicles can accurately anticipate your movements. It will reduce the wear on your vehicle as well.

It can take some time for you to make changes in this area. Pay close attention to it and then do your best not to give into the urge. You may not realize just how often you used to engage in that type of behavior until you are attempting to stop doing so.

In addition to saving you fuel it can save your life as well due to other drivers not knowing what you will be doing out there.

Many places where you can drive allow you to exceed 60 miles per hour. It isn’t uncommon to find signs for 75 miles per hour on busy highways and freeways.

It is important to understand that you will decrease the amount of miles per gallon when you are over 60 miles per hour. So to be able to go faster you are going to have to accept the fact that you are burning more fuel to do so.

This one is quite a dilemma as you don’t want to be the turtle on the fast road. If you choose to drive at a lower than posted speed you need to stay in the right hand lane. That way you aren’t obstructing traffic and being a danger to yourself and others.

In many ways that is the practical solution though so you will want to continue at the posted speed limits. If you are following the strategies of the other hypermiling guidelines though you should still end up getting more miles out of each tank of gas.

When you aren’t moving, your car is idling. Turn off your vehicle to save you on gas. Many people let their car idle to warm up in the winter and then to cool down in the summer. If possible place your vehicle in a garage so you don’t have to let it sit outside collecting frost or for the sun to beat down upon it.

In the summer time you should also consider running errands early in the morning. This way you won’t be relying upon the air conditioner to keep you cool.

This is a very big waster of fuel for your vehicle. If you are using it quite often you will notice you are going to the pumps more often than normal.

If you are stuck in traffic for any length of time, you also want to turn the vehicle off. This way you won’t be wasting fuel or allowing the engine to overheat.

A good rule of thumb is that if traffic is at a standstill for more than five minutes to shut the vehicle off.

Do your best to avoid common bottleneck areas as well. It may be due to road construction or to rush hour. It can also be the result of not enough lanes for all the traffic. If you will be traveling those roads often see if you can find alternative roads. You can access interactive maps online where you enter point A and point B. It can then give you several routes to get there.

Even if the alternative is one that is several more miles, it can end up saving you fuel in the long run. You will need to experiment so you can decide for yourself which route works best for you.

It would be nice if the alternative was able to save you both fuel and time.

How much do you currently pay per gallon for gas? I am guessing it is close to $4 or more right now. If you can save 1/3 of that then you will be cutting back that cost by more than $1 per gallon.

The exact cost will depend on other factors such as your vehicle and the cost of gas in your area. Yet you can see how that saving is going to add up.Keep your Vehicle in Good Working Condition

Keep your Vehicle in Good Working Condition

Vehicles that aren’t well cared for are going to end up using more gas than those well maintained. Don’t wait until your vehicle stalls on the highway or it won’t start to give it some attention. Preventative measures work very well when it comes to vehicle operations and to how much fuel they will use.

Make sure you take the time to get your oil changed regularly and to keep it full of the necessary fluids. It can save you money if you are able to take care of these things on your own. If not, make sure you schedule regular appointments. It is a good idea to have your oil changed every three months or every 3,000 miles. Go by which one of them takes place first.

Some people put on a lot of miles each month while others don’t. Track this information so you don’t have to guess when your oil needs to be changed. If it takes you a year to put 3,000 miles on your car you certainly don’t want the same oil running through the engine.

It is vital to use a good quality of oil in your vehicle. This will help keep various aspects of it operating like it should. Check your oil often too just in case it gets low in between oil changes. When you buy oil look for the brands that offer energy conservation ingredients. This will reduce the amount of friction that is created and thus improve your fuel conservation.

Pay close attention to the grade of oil you use as well. Each vehicle has a standard type that is recommended so find out what it is. You may be able to still have a good operating vehicle with a different grade but it will result in your vehicle burning more fuel.

Pay attention to changes in how your vehicle sounds or operates. If you can hear noises that it wasn’t making before you need to have a mechanic check it out. This can prevent you from more serious damage that will occur if you don’t. It can also save you money of gas because you may have something wrong that is using more.

For example, you may have a bad fuel injector. This means every time you start your vehicle more gas is being pushed through the valve than there should be. As a result of this, you will be using excessive fuel.

Any time you can smell gas when you start your vehicle this is likely the problem. Your car will still operate but you won’t be as fuel-efficient as you would be otherwise. Some people blow of such concerns as they don’t notice any difference in how their vehicle operates.

When you stop to consider how many times in a typical day you start your vehicle, that is quite a bit of fuel being wasted. Each of the fuel injectors can be replaced at a cost of about $80 including labor so it is well worth the investment. The repairs can easily be done in an afternoon for you so it won’t mean you are without your vehicle at all.

One of the most serious types of vehicle repairs that needs to be done to save you fuel is replacing a bad oxygen sensor. This can result in your car using about 40% more fuel than it should. That is an unbelievable amount of it that you will be losing out on.

While a new oxygen sensor can cost a couple hundred dollars, you will be spending at least that much in additional fuel.

The amount of time it will take you to waste that much fuel depends on how many miles a day you drive. It is more cost-effective to drop that money into replacing the part than it is to continue paying for gas almost twice as often as you should be.

For most vehicles, an air filter only costs about $3 or $4. Yet it will allow you to have about 10% more fuel efficiency on your vehicle. As a standard practice, you should have this checked each time you are either changing your oil or having someone do it for you.

Even if your air filter doesn’t look bad you should replace it every 3 to 4 months. Some people find that it is just as effective to take theirs out and to blow it out with pressure from an air compressor. It depends on how much effort you want to put into the process.

Both seem to work equally well though as long as the air filter isn’t torn or damaged. Make sure you carefully inspect it before you place it back into the vehicle. If you decide it does need to be replaced it is essential that you use the right size of the filter.

They all have numbers on them that you can get from the internet, books at the automotive section, or you can have someone at the counter look it up for you. Many of them look similar in size so don’t assume which one fits without comparing the numbers first.

Many people check their tires on a regular basis to ensure they aren’t wearing unevenly or needing to be replaced. It is also important to check the amount of air in each of the tires.

They should be within a couple of pounds of each other. You will save more fuel if you make sure this is the case.

It will also allow your tires to last longer so that will cut down on the expense of replacing them as often. Tires aren’t cheap so this is one expense you don’t want to have to cover if it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Besides not having enough pressure in your tires is a road hazard and you don’t want that on your mind when you are driving.

You don’t want to have too much air in them either as that can become a very serious road hazard for you as well. Refer to your owner’s manual or look up the information on line so you can have the right amount of pounds in them. You should carry a tire gauge in your glove box for easy access.

Doing so will allow you to check the pressure in your tires when you are at home as well as when you are fueling up. It isn’t always easy to visually see that there isn’t the same amount of pressure in the tires so make sure you check.

These gauges are simple to work. You just place them on the valve and the stem will move out to show you how much air you have. If you have too much air then remove some of it. Then recheck with the gauge to make sure you didn’t let too much of it out.

When you add air you want to do so only a bit at a time. Check it with the gauge to make sure you are on target. Most convenient stores and gas stations have air you can get for free or for a deposit of a few quarters.

Make sure you find a place to add air as soon as possible for safety and for maximum fuel efficiency.

What can you Remove to Make your Vehicle Lighter?

The heavier your vehicle is the more gas it is going to use regardless of what speed you happen to be moving at. While you can’t do much about the base weight of it, you can remove things on it to lighten it up. Always consider the weight of a vehicle before you invest in one as well.What are you carrying around in your trunk? Chances are you have a heavy tool box and other items in there you don’t really need. Some basic tools to change a tire as well as your spare and a flashlight are important.

You may want to have a blanket in case you break down, a pair of pliers, and a couple of screwdrivers. Everything else you should be able to remove and lighten up the vehicle.

Some individuals have heavy speakers and sound systems in their vehicles. They fill up the backseat as well as the trunk with them. While you may love what this offers, it can be severely hindering your gas mileage.

Explore some viable options so you can find out what you can do to get the sound you want without all of the weight from those speakers and amplifiers that go with it.

Excessive chrome on it may be weighing it down as well. Those accessories may look nice but hurt your pocketbook. Consider removing some of them for now to find out how much money you can save at the pumps. You can store them so you can put them back on later if you decide to do so.

One common problem with that though is to be able to add such accessories holes have been drilled into the vehicle. Many people don’t want these areas to be seen so they leave the chrome items on.

Find out what you can do to be able to cover them up effectively so you can remove the weight. It may be just investing in some light cover up work.

When you are hauling trailers or another vehicle you need to expect to use more fuel. Make sure you don’t exceed the weight capacity for your towing vehicle.

You also need to use the overdrive gears which will help to minimize the amount of additional fuel you end up using.

Is it Time to get a New Vehicle?

You may find it is time to get into a new vehicle. Yours may constantly need repairs to keep it fuel-efficient that are starting to really add up.

It doesn’t really matter how many miles you can go on a tank of gas if you can’t get the vehicle to stay running. It isn’t safe to be in a vehicle that is known to break down in the middle of traffic either.

You will notice due to the high fuel costs many vehicle manufacturers are offering more compact and medium-sized vehicles.

They know that consumers aren’t looking at full-sized cars, full vans, and even SUV’s as much anymore. When it costs you more than $100 to put fuel in it that isn’t sitting well with anyone out there.

You can get some great deals on both new and used vehicles that are compact or medium-sized. You do want to read the reviews and ratings on them though so you can get one that is safe and well as great on fuel. If it is used you should have it inspected by a licensed mechanic before you commit to buying it.

Make sure you get one that is going to be big enough for your family though. There should be enough seatbelts for each person to use. You also don’t want to deal with problems about not enough leg room or being too crowded in the back seat.

You can easily go online though and see what is highly recommended. Then you can evaluate the specifics of these models of vehicles when you are looking at buying one of them.

Depending on how much you drive, you can save thousands of dollars each year just by changing the type of vehicle you are driving. With savings like that it is certainly worth looking into that option.

You will need to crunch your family budget to decide if a different vehicle is the right option or not. Yet when you evaluate a car payment of $300 and you are saving more than that in fuel costs each month it should be something you move forward with.

Once you take the time to see how all the numbers add up you will be in a better position to make a final decision. I can be helpful to keep track of all the fuel you put into a vehicle over the course of a month. You may be spending more for it than you realize if you get small amounts each time.

If you are interested there are also hybrid models to select from. They operate either from solar power or electricity. They contain a series of batteries that store up this energy. When that energy source has been depleted the vehicle will automatically revert to the use of the fuel in it.

These days you will notice that there are quite a few nice hybrid models to choose from. Just about every major car manufacturer is offering them. You can get certain models in either format.

The one downside is that you may have to order a hybrid in a certain model if there aren’t enough of them readily available. As the demand for such vehicles continues to increase that is to be expected.

This can be a great way to cut down on the amount of fuel you use each day in your vehicle. Of course, hybrid vehicles are more expensive but they also save you a great deal of money in the long run.

There are government rebates on them too that you want to check out. These can really help to offset the overall cost of the vehicle to you.

Additional Tips that can Help your Car Go Further with Less Gas

Here are some great additional tips to help you go further in your care with less gas. Implementing as many of them as you can will really help you to be less affected by high fuel prices. They don’t show any sign of going down in the near future so it is wise to find ways to save money.

First, do your best to commute as little as possible. If you find it is always busy in the mornings and evenings when you go to and from work, leave home earlier. By doing so by about 30 minutes you can beat the congestion and save fuel

See if your boss will allow you to leave 30 minutes earlier too in exchange for coming in before your scheduled time. It can really be helpful.

If not, use that time to balance your checkbook, write a letter, take a walk in the vicinity of where you work, or any other way to kill time. That way you won’t be taking time out of your day later on to complete such tasks.

It is understandable you may not be able to trade in your gas guzzler for something that uses less. If you have a large family, a lease, or you have paid off your vehicle and don’t want another payment is it all understood. Yet you must balance their comfort with what you can afford.

However, you may consider getting an older compact vehicle as well. By investing a bit of money in such a vehicle you can use it commute to and from work.

This is a great way for you to save money on the cost of gas. You can use your normal vehicle when you travel out of town or you have the entire family with you.

It is wise to start looking into this option now though. As gas prices continue to soar they are being purchased rather quickly. If you have one you no longer need put it for sale and in no time at all you will have plenty of potential buyers coming your way.

Do try to carpool as much as you can to and from work. If you can trade of weeks of driving with a co-worker you will cut your costs in half.

Check to see if other parents on your children’s sports teams are willing to carpool as well. This way instead of everyone taking a trip to and from the practice field each night you can do so only a couple of times per week.

So not only will it be saving you time but it will save you going to the gas pumps as well. That is certainly something to smile about. It is great when kids are involved in activities but it can be time consuming which mean you have more to do in the evenings. You will find collaborating with other parents is beneficial in more ways than one.

Get more organized and plan your week as well. For example if you need to go to the bank then hit the dry cleaners, post office, and other places in town at the same time.

Plan your meals and create a menu so you aren’t making additional trips to the grocery store either.

Evaluating the Results of your Efforts

If you are willing to learn about what you can do personally to save money then it can work for you. It is going require you to pay attention to some significant details.

In order for you to find out if you have benefited from the changes you have to be able go effectively monitor them.

Start out by getting a  notebook and pen you can keep in your glove box. This way you can access information when you need to write it down. You can also review what has taken place.

Do you currently know how many miles to the gallon your vehicle gets? If not you need to find out before you can see improvements.

Try to get your gas tank as close to empty as you can without letting it run out of gas. Then fill it up with as much fuel as it will take. Yes, this can be expensive but you need to do it in order to make this work correctly.

Make sure you write down the mileage before you leave the filling station as well as the number of gallons of gas you got.

When your gas gauge once again gets to where it is almost empty but not completely out of gas write down your mileage again. Subtract these two numbers to determine how many miles you went on that tank of gas. Then divide that number by the gallons of gas you got when you filled up.

This number will represent the total number of miles per gallon of gas you were able to drive. Now you should implement the various hypermiling concepts that you can in order to use less fuel. Keep on recording your miles per gallon in the same format as above.

You should start to see some significant improvements which will ensure you that these methods do work. If you see your miles per gallon dropping then you need to re-evaluate your changes or inspect your vehicle for possible repairs that need to be done.

No one out there wants to admit that they aren’t a perfect driver. But you may be much more aggressive than you realize. By paying close attention to your driving habits you can start to eliminate some of them.

Don’t give in to the temptation to speed or to pass everyone who is right in front of you on the road.

Following too closely behind the person in front of you is very dangerous. It will also result in more gas being used because each time you brake your car has to get going again.

Make sure take your foot off the gas when you see a stop sign or red light coming up too. Don’t wait until you are upon it to stomp on the brakes.

If you often drive aggressively due to running late, you need to plan better. Make it a priority to give yourself plenty of time to get where you are headed. Reward yourself too when you are able to do so without incident for a specific period of time.


If you haven’t found yourself involved in the concepts of hypermiling yet, it is time to take action. Now that you have the right information on what it is and how to implement it there should be nothing stopping you.

There aren’t any negatives to hypermiling but definitely plenty of benefits for you to take advantage of.

Consumers have noticed that prices aren’t just going up in the area of fuel either. There is a higher cost at the grocery store too which is an additional burden on families.

By being able to get more miles with less gas you will definitely be able to save money. You may need it to cover the grocery bill or additional expenses.

There are many things yo can start doing right now to help you drive more fuel efficiently. At first it is going to take a great deal of effort to remember to implement them. It is often best to stick to a couple at a time. Once you have them down you can add a few more.

A common mistake is trying to do all the methods of hypermiling at once. This can result in a person becoming overwhelmed. As a result they don’t stick with and then they don’t see the benefits. Take a breath and take your time as it will benefit you if you take it one step at a time.

As you can see there are many ways in which you can reduce the amount of fuel it takes for you to get your vehicle from one place to the next. Your efforts won’t get the numbers at the gas pumps to drop but hopefully, they will allow you to breathe easier as you pass them.

There are so many benefits to hypermiling in addition to saving money that you should make them a part of your lifestyle. Teach your children early about such benefits as well.

That way when they are old enough to drive on their own they will be able to incorporate them as well.

This is the type of hands-on learning that we need to pass along to future generations. It will allow them to get the rewards from such resources without spending more than they have to in order to do so.

There certainly are many younger generations right now in high school and college that can benefit from saving money at the pumps as well.

As the cost of fuel continues to increase you can be sure there will be additional thoughts and ideas in the area of hypermiling. Make sure you keep yourself up to date on them.

That way you can immediately start to reap the rewards they offer. Until fuel prices drop or someone offers an alternative option for fuel that we can use in our current vehicles this is the most viable option we have available to us.

I hope you will take this information and really make it work well for you. There is plenty of opportunities and that is something you want to grasp immediately with both hands.

The sooner you do the sooner you will be able to save some money on your fuel costs. You will be amazed at just how much it adds up to in the end. I hope this guidnace will help in hypermiling. Learn here more abotu lifestyle tips and tools. 

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