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No logic in restrictions

Re: Province revises restrictions, Dec. 22

The Alberta government’s latest COVID public health measures state capacity limits at large venues as follows: “50% if venue seats more than 1,000 people, 500 people if venue seats between 500 and 1,000 people, no changes for venues under 500 people, no food or drink consumption in seated audience settings or during intermissions in venues with 500+ people”.

So, does this mean if you have a venue that seats 500 people, you will be allowed to have a full house, 500 people shoulder to shoulder?


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K. Preston, Calgary

Better ways to deliver tests than luck of the draw

Re: A scramble for COVID-19 test kits as province vows more on the way, Dec. 21

I suggest the Alberta government take their acquisition of rapid test kits a couple of steps further. The government could help us all stay home by mailing rapid test kits by “priority” Canada Post to all Alberta Health Care cardholders. They should do this to avoid unnecessary lineups at pharmacies that have only resulted in disappointment for the majority.

Are the UCP problem-solving teams reading this?

Dianne Dickin, Calgary

Heritage trust fund a failure

Our Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund was valued at $18.4 billion (U$14.7 billion) on Sept. 30, 2021. That was about one one-hundredth the value of Norway’s US $1.365 trillion fund.

Alberta Conservative premiers after Peter Lougheed, who created the fund in 1976, have either neglected, mismanaged, or abused it.

The Norwegians came to Alberta in the 1980s to study our fund before they set up theirs. Also, note that Norway has produced significantly less oil than Alberta since Norway’s fund was established.


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I’d like to hear what our political leaders, and would-be leaders, are going to do about this abject fiscal failure?

Mike Priaro, Calgary

Not our law to battle

Like many Canadians, I am appalled by Quebec’s Bill 21; however, I believe Calgary council’s initial thought to contribute $100,000 to groups legally challenging the law goes beyond the city’s mandate to provide good government.

Calgary should not be involved in legal matters which do not impact this city. It is the citizens of Quebec and the federal government that have the responsibility to challenge the law as a breach of the Charter of Rights and Freedom. We would not want Quebec interfering in our laws.

James Miller, Calgary

When is a sidewalk more than a sidewalk?

The great wartime leader Winston Churchill might be impressed by our new mayor.


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In describing Russia, Churchill said it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. In now trying to explain why the new entertainment centre deal has collapsed, Mayor Gondek tells us, “We are insisting on things like sidewalks because you need them for a good public realm experience.”

Yikes. I always thought sidewalks were simply for walking on and making it easier than trundling over broken ground. I didn’t realize they encompassed so much more and could be the reason for ending a $600-million project.

Do not meddle

I was outraged to read of city council’s potential plans to donate $100,000 toward funding a legal challenge to Quebec’s Bill 21. I certainly do not support Quebec’s efforts to suppress religious freedom. Nevertheless, council’s mandate is to provide municipal services efficiently and cost-effectively. That does not include meddling in the affairs of other jurisdictions with no practical benefit to Calgarians.

As stewards of our tax dollars, our councillors should focus on the issues they were elected to deal with.
Alexander Lytle, Calgary

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